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DIRK VAN ERP (1860 - 1933), small shell casing vase with ruffled rim, San Francisco, CA, ca. 1900. Hammered brass. Stamped SHOT IN BATTLE OF MANILA MAY I 1898 OCT. I 1904

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DIRK VAN ERP, Canoe basket with pierced handles, San Francisco, CA, ca. 1911-12; Hammered copper

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DIRK VAN ERP, large flaring shell casing vase with ruffled rim

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Dirk Van Erp copper vase

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The Dirk Van Erp Studio

The Dirk Van Erp Studio, also know as The Copper Shop operated in San Francisco, California from 1908 to 1977. Principle artists working in the studio included its founder, Dirk Van Erp (1860 to 1933), D’arcy Gaw and Agatha Van Erp. Working with a staff of skilled craftsmen and women these artists produced a line of high quality copper vases, accessories and lighting.

Information courtesy of Craftsman Auctions, September 2002.

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