Roseville Pottery Company – Ohio

Roseville Pottery

Roseville Pottery Company thrived for 65 years (1890 to 1954) moving from Victorian to Arts and Crafts, from Art Deco to 50s Modern. Its unique “Roseville look” can be spotted across a room. In its day, Roseville produced over 100 innovative lines of art pottery some with as many as 65 shapes in three different colors. But the Zanesville, Ohio, manufactory was hardly innovative or unique in 1900 when it first branched [...] Click here to continue reading.

Van Erp, Dirk – Arts & Crafts Coppersmith

The Dirk Van Erp Studio

The Dirk Van Erp Studio, also know as The Copper Shop operated in San Francisco, California from 1908 to 1977. Principle artists working in the studio included its founder, Dirk Van Erp (1860 to 1933), D’arcy Gaw and Agatha Van Erp. Working with a staff of skilled craftsmen and women these artists produced a line of high quality copper vases, accessories and lighting.

Information courtesy of Craftsman Auctions, September 2002.

Littco Products

Littlestown Hardware and Foundry

The Littlestown Hardware and Foundry of Littlestown, Pennsylvania, was founded in 1916 by Luther D. and Emory H. Snyder. Littco Products was the companies art line division of decorative cast iron doorstops, bookends etc. and operated from 1930 to circa 1942. The outset of WWII in late 1941 ended the foundries civilian casting operations.

The company continues operation today under the name of Littlestown Foundry, Inc. Commercial cast iron [...] Click here to continue reading.

Roycroft – Arts & Crafts Community 1896 to 1938 – New York

Roycroft – New York Arts & Crafts Community

After visiting William Morris’s Kelmscott community of artisans, charismatic businessman and writer Elbert Hubbard (1856 to 1915) embarked on his own version in East Aurora, New York. His Roycroft community, America’s only Arts & Crafts campus, began in 1895 as a high quality leather bookbindery and publishing house. The name came from two 17th century London printers. The community’s large and prominently displayed mark, the orb [...] Click here to continue reading.

Heintz Art Metal Shop – Buffalo, New York

Heintz Art Metal

The most collected and prized art metalware from the Arts & Crafts era was “brown metal.” Hues ranged from an old tarnished penny to worn leather. One company, Heintz Art Metal Shop of Buffalo, New York, specialized in chocolate brown metal and their dark patina has never been duplicated. The chemical formula died with owner and innovator Otto Heintz (1877 to 1918).

Heintz preferred bronze with a sterling silver overlay, not [...] Click here to continue reading.

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