Shakudo Definition

Japanese tsuba hand guard, shakudo with inlays of autumn flowers and insects on nanako ground, 18th century

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Japanese sword tsuba, iron with armored figures inlaid in shakudo, gold, silver, and copper

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Japanese tsuba, shakudo with gold and mixed metal inlay of wild boar on the plains of Musashi

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A Japanese samurai sword of the Koto period by Ujinobu Gammaku

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Shakudo – Definition

Shakudo is the Japanese term for a copper and gold alloy consisting of 2% to 7% gold and the remainder copper. This alloy can then be treated to achieve a blue-black color sometimes resembling lacquer. It was historically used to make and/or decorate Japanese swords. Contemporary jewelry makers have revived the use of shakudo for its unusual and beautiful coloring.

p4A editorial staff, March 2013

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