Weathervanes – History

The History and Manufacture of Weathervanes

Collectors of Americana classify weathervanes as “folk sculpture”, but to the original purchasers, they were meteorological tools that predicted wind direction, and thus a change in the weather. Handmade in the 17th and 18th centuries in America, by the mid-19th century, weathervanes were being factory-produced in large numbers. Both the earlier and later examples are highly collectable, and are sought after for their quirky vitality. Value depends less [...] Click here to continue reading.

Hamburg Rooster Weathervane

Hamburg Rooster Weathervane

Period examples of this weathervane are most commonly attributed to the L. W. Cushing & Sons company of Waltham, Massachusetts. The firm was in business from 1872 to 1933; it is sometimes referred to by one of its other business names, Cushing & White.

The Hamburg rooster appeared in Cushing’s 1883, No. 9 catalogue on page 14.

Reference note by p4A editorial staff

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