James, Jesse – Trunk Provenance

The Personal Trunk of Jesse Woodson James, American Outlaw

When Jesse James was assassinated by Bob Ford on April 3, 1882 his wife Zerelda notified three of Jesse’s cousins, brothers Joel Rufus & William N. “Babe” Hudspeth and their half brother Joseph Lamartine Hudspeth to come from their home in Lake City, Missouri to St. Joseph to help Zerelda with identification of Jesse’s body and the funeral. They immediately left home in a wagon [...] Click here to continue reading.

China Trade Trunks

China Trade Trunks

These trunks are often called Sea Captain’s Chests as they were commonly purchased in Canton or Hong Kong by sea captains engaged in the China trade during the nineteenth century. The captain’s used them for their own personal purchases in the Chinese port, particularly for their wives and family back in New England. For their time they could be real treasure chests, filled with rare silks, tea, blue and white porcelains, [...] Click here to continue reading.

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