Bernstein, Theresa Ferber – American Artist

Theresa Ferber Bernstein (American, 1890-2002)

Although she studied art at the Philadelphia School of Design for Women in her native Philadelphia, it was after her move to New York with her parents in 1911 that Theresa Bernstein really blossomed as an artist. She briefly attended classes at the Art Students League under the tutelage of William Merritt Chase and twice went to Europe to explore some of the day’s most important modern artists including [...] Click here to continue reading.

Benson, Frank Weston – American Artist

Frank Weston Benson (American, 1862 to 1951)

Frank Weston Benson was born in Salem, Massachusetts in 1862. He studied at the Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston and the Academie Julian in Paris. Benson was a hunter and often depicted sporting scenes of birds in his artwork. The landscape around his studio on North Haven Island, Maine provided inspiration for his etchings and paintings. Benson taught at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts [...] Click here to continue reading.

Massey, Willie – African-American Artist

Willie Massey (American, 1906 to 1990)

Willie Massey is a self-taught artist from Kentucky who spent his life as a tenant dairy farmer. He made only utilitarian objects before his wife’s death in 1955. After, he began to make sculptures, which he called “tricks”. He fashioned animals and birds, farm equipment, birdhouses and airplanes from found objects and repurposed material. He would also buy stretched canvases and paint on the backs to create pre-made [...] Click here to continue reading.

Bartlett, Bo – American Artist

Bo Bartlett (American, born 1955)

Bo Bartlett is a contemporary American realist painter in the tradition of Thomas Eakins, Andrew Wyeth, and Winslow Homer. Bartlett paints the world around him – his family, friends, and his wife and muse, Betsy Eby – in settings that depict memories, dreams, literary references, and current events. He has received numerous solo exhibitions in the U.S. and abroad and awards including a PEW Fellowship in the Arts. His [...] Click here to continue reading.

Smith, Lewis – American Artist

Lewis Smith (American, 1907 to 1998)

Lewis Smith lived his life with his mother in Alliance, OH until her death. It was only then, as a man in his 60s, that he became an artist: drawing, writing, and painting on paper bags, cardboard cartons, and the walls of his house. His work reflects his preoccupation with muscular women (especially boxers and wrestlers), trains, time, and money. Lewis Smith was an obsessive, inveterate collector. He [...] Click here to continue reading.

Sherrod, Philip – American Artist

Philip Sherrod (American, born 1935)

Philip Sherrod is known for painting American city culture – coffee shops, subway stations, Broadway marquees, the circus. His canvases pulsate with energy; his expressive style that has been linked to that of Vincent Van Gogh and Chaim Soutine. The artist’s works are in the collections of the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington D.C.; Museum of the City of New York, New York, NY; Rose Art Museum of [...] Click here to continue reading.

Wolfli, Adolf – Swiss Artist

Adolf Wolfli (Swiss, 1864 to 1930)

The Swiss artist Adolf Wolfli is considered among the greatest exemplars of Art Brut. Born in poverty, orphaned before the age of ten, mistreated and abused in a series of foster homes, by the time he was in his twenties he had been twice arrested for attempted sexual abuse. After the second arrest in 1895 he was sent to Waldau Clinic in Bern, Switzerland, where he was diagnosed [...] Click here to continue reading.

Dean, Peter – American Artist

Peter Dean (American, German, 1934 to 1993)

Peter Dean’s apocalyptic art stands in stark contrast to the analytical cool of Minimalism and Pop, the two movements that dominated when Dean became an active participant in the downtown art scene. In 1984, Dean’s paintings, characterized by fantastical figural scenes executed in a heavy impasto of bright colors, were shown alongside those of Munch, Soutine, and Ensor at the Galleri Bellman in New York City. Works [...] Click here to continue reading.

Ferdinand, Roy – African-American Artist

Roy Ferdinand (American, 1959-2004)

Roy Ferdinand was a self-taught artist who chronicled street life in New Orleans’ impoverished African-American neighborhoods for fifteen years, documenting its violent subculture and making portraits of residents who had no choice but to share these mean streets. Ferdinand, who compared himself to a battlefield sketch artist, worked in ink markers, colored pencils and children’s watercolors on poster board. His style, with its bodies slightly out of proportion, multiple vanishing [...] Click here to continue reading.

Havard, James – American Artist

James Havard (American, born 1937)

James Havard first gained recognition in the 1970s for pioneering the Abstract Illusionist movement with artists Al Held and Allan D’Arcangelo. By the 1980s and 1990s, he had returned to figuration, creating works inspired by Art Brut masters. Richly colored, collaged and carved in encaustics, these works are raw and elemental, drawing inspiration from Native American, African and Caribbean tribal cultures, cave paintings, and children’s drawings. Havard has exhibited [...] Click here to continue reading.

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