Dan & Marty Campanelli Samplers

By Their Samplers They Will Know Them

By EVE M. KAHN Published: July 5, 2012, New York Times.

“Our girls,” Dan and Marty Campanelli call them. Each girl was a sampler embroiderer, mostly in the early 1800s, along the East Coast. Each one now has her own biographical research binder on shelves at the Campanellis’ farm in western New Jersey. The couple have spent a decade tracing the sewers’ genealogies and identifying the stitched [...] Click here to continue reading.

Samplers, American or English?

Samplers: American or English? Clues in the Canvas

Determining whether a sampler was produced in England or in America is not always easy. There are a few generalities that can be applied when one examines a sampler, but there are no hard and fast rules that apply each time. (Keep in mind that these tips do not apply to the beautiful silk on silk mourning pictures produced in the early 19th century.)

What to [...] Click here to continue reading.

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