European Cut Diamonds

OLD EUROPEAN CUT DIAMOND SOLITAIRE RING. American, mid 20th century. Diamond solitaire ring centering an old European-cut diamond, accented by a single-cut diamond on each side

p4A ItemID F7956087
Art Deco diamond bow-form brooch, 14K two-tone gold design set with old European-cut diamonds and four 5mm pearls

p4A ItemID F7943396
White Gold, Cultured Pearls and Diamonds Triple Strand Bracelet

p4A ItemID F7935817
Art Deco platinum, diamond and rock crystal bracelet intricate openwork link design joined by rock crystal links

p4A ItemID F7933886

European Cut Diamonds

The earliest known form of brilliant cut diamond, a European Cut or an Old European Cut is an old style of faceting in a round shape with a very small table, heavy crown and great overall depth. Because of the relatively simple hand tools employed by 19th century diamond cutters these stones are often cut in less than perfect fashion, but this advance from the earlier Mine Cut enabled the diamonds 58 facets to show broader reflective bands of brilliance returning back-up through the top portion of the diamond. This cutting style began to give way to the modern “American Ideal” cut circa 1900 as the mathematical properties of diamond cutting become better understood allowing more reflective brilliance from smaller stones.


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