Timmerman Pottery

Lanier County, Georgia stoneware churn with banded decoration, possibly Timmerman

p4A ItemID D9743029
Stoneware plate attributed to Shimuel Timmerman of Lanier Co., Georgia

p4A ItemID D9743028
Stoneware churn with Bristol glaze, probably Timmerman Pottery of Lanier Co., Georgia

p4A ItemID D9743027
Stoneware jar with alkaline glaze and incised decoration

p4A ItemID D9665437

Shimuel Timmerman, potter

Shimuel was a man of the times. He was a Justice of the Peace, fought in the Creek Indian War, and was a Confederate soldier. His only sibling, John, died as a POW at Camp Douglas, Illinois. His two sons continued to run the business after their father passed on. He is buried at the Wayfare Primitive Baptist Cemetery, Cow Creek, Echols County, Georgia. (Information provided to p4A by a granddaughter of Shimuel Timmerman.)

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