Victor, Model I Phonograph

A Victor Model V phonograph with oak horn

p4A ItemID F7980825
A Victor Model VV-VIII Victrola Phonograph

p4A ItemID F7966211
A Victrola Victor Talking Machine Cabinet Model VV4-40 Console Phonograph

p4A ItemID F7949600
A Victor Victoria Victrola with Victor Records

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The Victor Model I Victorla Phonograph

The Victor I “Talking Machine” had a production run from 1903 to 1920. It first came with an 8″ turntable and a single spring motor. The turntable was increased in size to 10″ in 1910 when the machine was restyled. The early Victor I came with a 9.5″ black and brass horn. About 1912 a 17″ flowered horn became available. The Victor I sold for between $22.00 and $30.00 new. The case measured 12″ square.

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