Victor, Model II Phonograph

A gilt Victor phonograph with a painted scene of courting lovers

p4A ItemID D9973404
A Victor Talking Machine Style VIC III oak pillared case player with spear point horn and 78 rpm records

p4A ItemID D9741542
A mahogany case model VV-XVIII Victrola phonograph by the Victor Talking Machine Company

p4A ItemID D9671582
A Victor Model VV-VIII Victrola Phonograph

p4A ItemID F7966211

The Victor Model II Phonograph

The Victor II was the 2nd phonograph in a line of six Roman numeral machines. The cabinet was made of quartersawn oak and housed a single spring motor. The phonograph originally came with an 8″ turntable, but it was quickly changed to a 10″ turntable. The production ran from 1902 until 1920. The earlies machines had cases with ribbed corner columns which were discontined shortly after prodution began. The cabinet measured 13.5″ square. It was furnished with a 19 inch steel horn, with a wood horn available at an extra charge.

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