Victor, Victrola, Model 50 Phonograph

image courtesy of James D. Julia Inc.

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image courtesy of James D. Julia Inc.

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The Victor Victrola Model 50 Phonograph

The Victor Victrola 50 was semi-portable (note handle) with its locking lid. This model had protective nickel corners as well as hardware. Inside it has a single spring motor and number 2 reproducer. The turntable is only 10 inches in diameter. The horn opens to utilize the open lid for acoustic reflection. This model was presented in both oak and mahogany.

All the model 50 phonographs utilized the No. 2 reproducer. The inside of the lid provids a storage place for the crank, but records and needles had to be carried separately. These issues were resolved in a later release model which included two small needle cups/boxes mounted to the inside lid with the crank. The crank hole was also moved from the front on earlier models to the side on this later version where it was less awkward to operate. The earliest version of the Model 50 was in production from 1921 to 1924 and originally retailed for $50.

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