Victor, Victrola, Model 210 Phonograph

image courtesy of James D. Julia Inc.

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A Victor Talking Machine Co. Victrola Model VV XVI phonograph in upright walnut case

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The Victor Victrola Model 210 Phonograph

A flat-top console model, the Victor 210 was the low-priced, flat top console that helped to revive stagnant Victrola sales in the early 1920′s. While this and many other console-type models are shunned by collectors today (mostly due to the large volumes produced, and the simple, undecorated design), it was an extremely popular model in many middle class homes of the time. All Model 210′s had the semi-automatic brake and a two-spring motor. Early 210′s were produced only in mahogany, and most examples had a very dark (almost black) stain applied. Oak and Walnut became available in 1925. In addition, the removable slatted record storage rack, which was standard equipment in earlier years, was eliminated in the 1925 models. The 210 was discontinued in late 1925.

The original 1922 selling price of the Model 210 was $100. An estimated total of 212,000 were produced.

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