Victor, Victrola, Model VI Phonograph

The Victor Victrola Model VI Phonograph

A lidless table-top phonograph, the Victor Victrola Model VI was a slight upgrade from the base IV model, offering a 2-spring motor and slightly larger case. Production was started in October of 1911, and discontinued in 1925. Early models were available only in oak but eventually both oak and mahogany versions were produced. During the first few years of production, the VI came with a 10-inch turntable, which was soon upgraded to the full 12-inch size.

The original 1911 selling price of the VI was $25.00. An estimated total of 700,000 Victrola VI’s were produced. Some 1912 machines have an “A” suffix, some 1913 machines have “A” or “B” sufficies. An “F” suffix was used in 1915 and 1916. The VI-A designation was used in 1917 and 1918.

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