Victor, Victrola, Model IV Phonograph

An Edison Electric Phonograph, Victor or Balmoral model, with Model C reproducer, Type D repeating attachment, oak case and papier-mache Mega Phone Horn

p4A ItemID D9719939
A Victrola Type VV-IX Phonograph with Exhibition soundbox in mahogany cabinet with double doors

p4A ItemID D9719883
A Victor Model IV phonograph in corner pillared case with mahogany horn

p4A ItemID E8919876
A Victor Talking Machine Model IV mahogany phonograph with mahogany spear tip horn

p4A ItemID E8870562

The Victor Talking Machine Model IV Phonograph

A lidless table-top phonograph, the Model IV was Victor’s lowest priced model for many years. Production was started in September of 1911, and discontinued in early 1926. Catalogs state that the only finish was Oak, although several mahogany versions have turned up, made near the end of the model run. Very early models had a stamped steel grille covering the horn; subsequent versions had conventional wood slats. The IV used a simple single-spring motor.

The original 1911 selling price of the IV was $15.00. An estimated total of 609,000 Victrola IV’s were produced.

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