Victor Phonograph, Orthophonic, Model 4-40 Phonograph

image courtesy of James D. Julia Inc.

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An RCA Victor Victrola Model Ve4-40x mahogany console phonograph with Ortho Phonic reproducer and assorted 78 rpm records

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The Victor Victrola Orthophonic Model 4-40 Phonograph

A console model, the 4-40 was a popular Orthophonic floor model, introduced in 1927. It was priced slightly above the VV-4-7, and offered a larger and more stylish cabinet design. The 4-40 was available only in a mahogany finish, and included an automatic brake and two spring motor. Nickel-plated hardware was used for most of the production run, but in 1928, an antique bronze finish was featured. The 4-40 was produced until 1929.

The original 1927 selling price of the 4-40 was $165.00. There is conflicting factory production data on this model; most production and shipping information indicates that approximately 95,642 wind-up 4-40′s were produced. However, serial numbers of these machines have been documented as high as 169,000. It is possible that a block of serial numbers was skipped, and the exact build number is still indeterminate. Thus, an exact correlation of serial number to date of build is currently impossible. Except for the change in the hardware plating, all 4-40′s have identical features.

The 4-40 was also available with an electric motor option (VE 4-40). It is estimated that a total of 17,905 electric versions were built.

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