Victor, Victrola, Model 100 Phonograph

image courtesy of James D. Julia Inc.

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A gilt Victor phonograph with a painted scene of courting lovers

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A Victor Victoria Victrola with Victor Records

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The Victor Victrola Model 100 Phonograph

An upright floor model introduced in 1921, the Victor Model 100 was a popular middle-priced machine that fit between the old XI and XIV models. This was mainly a marketing effort to give the Victor line an updated image. The differences between the VV-100 and its predecessors were minimal (shallow domed lid, lower profile, etc.). This model was manufactured through early 1925. The VV-100′s cabinet was updated in 1924, with a larger horn opening and more modern cabinet. An air-damped lid closing mechanism was added in late 1924. The Model 100 was available in oak, mahogany or walnut, although mahogany remained the most common choice.

The original 1921 selling price of the 100 was $150.00. An estimated total of 195,285 Victrola 100′s were produced, making it one of the most popular models of the early 1920′s. Electric versions of the 100 were available for $40.00 extra beginning in 1924. A total of 49 electric VE-100′s were produced.

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