Abeyta, Narciso Platero (Ha-So-De) -Native American Artist

A gouache painting by Narcisco Platero Abeyta, Navajo on Horseback Chasing Deer

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Narciso Platero Abeyta, Ha-So-Deh, (Dine, 1918-1998) Gouache on Paper, signed

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Narciso Platero Abeyta (1918 to 1998)

Narciso Platero Abeyta, also known as Ha-So-De, was born on December 15, 1918 in Canoncito, New Mexico. He spent four years in the army during WWII. When he returned home he attended the University of New Mexico, studying under Raymond Jonson. In 1961, Abeyta was published in Art in America and again in American Indian Art in 1976. He received numerous accolades during his career and participated in countless exhibits and collections (Lester 1995: 2).

Information courtesy of Cowan’s Auctions March, 2007

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