Hermaphrodite Brig – definition

A gouache painting of the Hermaphrodite Brig Alfrata by Michele Funno

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Sailing ship diorama, carved ships and sea with painted background, America, 19th century

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Charles Sidney Raleigh (Massachusetts, 1830 to 1925), an oil on canvas painting, portrait of the Hermaphrodite Brig ELIZA STEVENS

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Reuben Chappell (Goole, Yorkshire, England, 1870 to 1940), an oil on canvas ship portrait of the Hermaphrodite Brig Lizzie Lee of Goole

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Hermaphrodite Brig

A hermaphrodite brig, or brig-schooner, is a two-masted sailing ship whose foremast is fully rigged with square sails while rigged with fore-and-aft sails on the mainmast. It combines the two main types of sail plan, hence the term hermaphrodite.

The hermaphrodite brig is distinguished from a brigantine in having exclusively fore-and-aft sails on the mainmast, while the brigantine has one or more square sails on the main topmast, above a gaff rigged main-course, or spanker. This brig is classified in the family of schooners and is often called a square sail schooner.
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