Lee, Doris Emrick – American Artist

Doris Emrick Lee (1905-1983)

Doris Emrick Lee was born in Aledo, IL, on Feb. 1, 1905 to a merchant banker, was the fourth of six children. Growing up her artistic influence came from a grandmother who used to whittle and carve wood and a great-grandfather that had retired from farming to paint. She was educated at Lake Forest, Illinois, and Rockford College. Upon graduation she married and traveled to Paris for five months where she studied with Andre Hote. Upon returning to America, she continued to study in Kansas City under Ernest Lawson, a Social realist and member of “The Eight”, a group of painters associated with the ashcan group, and also with Arnold Blanch at the San Francisco School of Fine Art.

Lee moved to the Woodstock Artist Colony in Woodstock, New York in 1931 and it was there, being inspired by nature, she did her best work. Her most notable work came in 1935 in Chicago. “Thanksgiving”, a kitchen scene with humorous bustling activity won the Logan Purchase prize at the Art Institute. “Thanksgiving” has been reproduced many times as postcards and prints.

She married Mr. Blanch in 1939 and the two of them co-authored a book called It’s Fun to Paint. She died in Woodstock in 1983.

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