Brewerton, George Douglas – American Artist

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A pastel by George Douglas Brewerton, "Fishing at the Dam"; image courtesy of Barridoff Galleries.

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A pastel painting of a California coastline by George Douglas Brewerton

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A pastel river landscape painting by George Douglas Brewerton

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George Douglas Brewerton pastel drawing, Sunrise On the Lake, landscape with clouds

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George Douglas Brewerton (1827-1901)

George Brewerton began life as part artist and part military man. Born in Newport, Rhode Island, he moved about frequently with his family. He attended West Point and was sent west in the late 1840s, and there he met Kit Carson. In 1852, Brewerton left the army and became a correspondent for the New York Times and Harper’s, and in 1854, he was admitted to the Kansas Bar. He painted numerous scenes from his western life and exhibited some at the NAD. During the Civil War, he helped the war effort by writing and illustrating military instruction manuals. He eventually settled in Brooklyn, but he continued to travel the country and paint.

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