Noyes, George Loftus – American Artist

George Loftus Noyes (1864 to 1954)

A Boston school artist best known for his landscapes, George Loftus Noyes plein air paintings adopted the loose brushstrokes of the French Impressionists. Born in Ontario, Noyes moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts, as a child. He started taking painting lessons when he was fifteen from English artist George Bartlett at the Massachusetts Normal School, and had an apprenticeship at the New England Glass Company painting floral designs on glass. He continued his studies in France at the Academie Colarossi with Gustave Courtois, Joseph-Paul Blanc, and Paul-Louis Delance. Noyes returned to the U.S. and set up a studio in Boston, where he painted landscapes of the New England countryside, exhibiting at the Boston Art Club and Boston Society of Water Color Painters. Noyes traveled extensively within the U.S. and to Mexico, often with fellow artist and friend Frederic Edwin Church, and spent time in California (where he taught at Stanford University) and Florida before ultimately returning to New England.

Information courtesy of Skinner, Inc., November 2008.

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