Gentling, Scott & Stuart – American Artists – Texas

Stuart Gentling: a 1970's Texas drybrush watercolor painitng depicting a green parrot on a birdfeeder

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Stuart Gentling: a 1970's Texas watercolor painting depicting a brillantly colored parrot on a stand

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Scott & Stuart Gentling: a 1986 portfolio of lithographs, Of Birds & Texas

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Scott & Stuart Gentling

Scott and Stuart Gentling could be called the ultimate Texas painters, especially when it comes to painting the land, flora, and fauna of the state. Born in Minnesota, the twins came to Fort Worth as young boys. After separating to attend Tulane and one year of law school at the University of Texas, Stuart joined Scott at the Pennsylvania Academy of Art. After their studies, the Gentlings came home and began painting the landscapes, people, and still-lifes of Texas. Their travels across the state from the ranches of South and West Texas to the Piney Woods of East Texas to subjects close to home in North Texas have provided them with a wealth of subject matter. Unfortunately, Stuart passed away in 2006, leaving Scott alone to continue their many ongoing projects.

The brothers are famous for their varied interests, which include but are far from limited to taxidermy, publishing studies of art and history, and composing classical music, as well as painting. Stuart was even asked to present a paper on some of their theories regarding the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan to scholars at The National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City. The twins are proof that when a few diverse interests and vast knowledge are combined with their incredible artistic skills, the finished products are masterpieces of true modern Renaissance men.

Biographical information courtesy of Heritage Galleries, Dallas, Texas. 07.09.

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