Salmon, Robert – Scottish/American Marine Painter

Robert Salmon oil on artist board painting, "Esles of Bute, Looking North", signed verso and inscribed "No.617/ Painted by Robert Salmon/1828"

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Joshua H. Shaw (American/English, 1776-1860) oil on canvas painting, Exploring the Blue Ridge Mountains, signed 1823

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Samuel Seymour oil painting, Indians at an Overlook, Salmon Falls, New Hampshire

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Robert Salmon oil on wood panel, Outward Bound, Long Island Head, Boston Harbor, signed 1832

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Robert Salmon (Scottish, American, 1775 to circa 1851)

Robert Salmon was an important early marine painter active in America before Fitz Hugh Lane. His seascapes depend upon European compositional formulas, but possess a refreshing intimacy and immediacy. He eventually returned to his native Scotland.

Information courtesy of Heritage Auction Galleries, June 2009.

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