Schmidt, Charles (Carl) – Pottery Decorator – Rookwood

CARL SCHMIDT (1885 - 1969); ROOKWOOD Pottery Iris Glaze vase with peacock feathers

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CARL SCHMIDT (1885 - 1969); ROOKWOOD Pottery, fine Iris Glaze vase with lady slipper orchids

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CARL SCHMIDT (1885 - 1969); ROOKWOOD Pottery, Scenic Vellum plaque, A Quiet Stream

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CARL SCHMIDT (1885 - 1969); ROOKWOOD Pottery, large Scenic Vellum vase with forest and lake

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Charles (Carl) Schmidt (1875-1959)

Charles Schmidt was born in 1875 in Germany and apparently changed his given name to Carl shortly after joining Rookwood in 1896. He is noted for his fine scenic landscape and marine decorations under vellum glaze. He left Rookwood in 1927 to join R. F. Johnston Paint Co., and later worked for the The Cincinnati Times Star.

Carl Schmidt decorated for Rookwood from 1896 to 1927. His mark was CS in a circle.

Information courtesy of Cowan’s Auctions Inc.

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