Salto, Axel – Danish Ceramics Artist

AXEL SALTO (1889 - 1961); ROYAL COPENHAGEN, budding gourd vase, Denmark, 1966. Glazed stoneware

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AXEL SALTO (1889 – 1961); ROYAL COPENHAGEN, bulbous vase, Denmark, mid-20th C. Glazed stoneware

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AXEL SALTO (1889 - 1961); ROYAL COPENHAGEN sculpted vase, Denmark, 1943

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AXEL SALTO (1889 - 1961); ROYAL COPENHAGEN glazed stoneware Budding vase

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Axel Salto (1889-1961)

Considered one of the most important designers of ceramic art in Denmark. Salto worked primarily for Royal Copenhagen, which produced his designs from the 1930s until after his death. he is best known for his glazes and pottery displaying organic “grooved”, “budding” and “germinating” sculptural relief.
His talents produced works in the graphic arts, jewelry and textiles. Salto won numerous awards during his careerincluding the Gran Prix at the 1951 Milan Triennale.
The P4A database contains a representative selection of Salto’s ceramics.

Reference note by p4A editor Robert Goldberg, 05.09.

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