Rich, Prosper

Prosper Rich

Ohio potter Prosper Rich produced stoneware products at New Castle (originally named West Liberty, later Caldersburg, and then New Castle, in Coshocton County), in the late 1850′s. He moved a pottery operation to Roscoe Village (also Coshocton County) in the 1860′s. He purchased this Roscoe Village property from George Bagnall about 1869. Rich purchased additional local property in 1870 and 1871. Caroline (Kate) Rich, Prosper and Melissa Rich’s daughter, married G. A. McDonald in 1858. She purchased land from him in 1877.

Sources: Coshocton Historical Collections, by W. C. Hunt, 1876, page 107; History of Coshocton County Ohio, by N. N. Hill, Jr., 1881, page 574; and Roscoe Generations – Regeneration, by Lorie Porter, 1991, pages 156-7, 242.

information courtesy of Mary (Mrs. Tom) Stream.

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