Lewis, Henry

Henry Louis, Ohio Potter

According to A History of Coshocton County by N. N. Hill, Jr., (1881, page 574) Henry Louis produced stoneware products in New Castle, Ohio in the 1870′s. He produced stoneware on a smaller scale than other potteries in the area, but was still active in 1881.

Ohio stoneware expert Professor Robert Treichler has found Lewis listing himself as “making stoneware” in the 1870 census. His widowed mother Elizabeth was a neighbor of Prosper Rich, the master of a successful local pottery. Iit is likely that Prosper taught young Henry the potter’s trade. More evidence for this link is the otherwise rarely used script impressed mark “Lewis” used by Henry on all his work, matching the script “Rich” marked used by Prosper Rich on many of his products.

Reference Note by p4A editorial staff 2015.

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