Masudaya toy robot

Champion Racer race car in original box, No. 301, Modern Toys, Japan, battery-operated

p4A ItemID D9811757
A Masudaya battery operated Gang of 4 Target Robot with original box, gun and darts

p4A ItemID D9709228
A Sonicon Rocket Ship battery operated space toy made by Modern Toys in the original box with accessory whistle

p4A ItemID D9707722
A Gang of Five Non-Stop Lavender battery-operated toy robot with box made by Modern Toys with MT diamond trademark

p4A ItemID E8994898

Masudaya Toy Robots

Toy makers have historically used interchangeable parts in their products, and occasionally updating an old form with an entirely new look to appeal to a different market or segment. To see how the Masudaya toy company followed this tradition with their robots, see item numbers 18564, 18565, 18566 and 17565. These four robots share essentially the same body form but completely different “looks” and remain rare and highly collectible.

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