Glickman, Maurice – American Artist, Sculptor, Muralist & Teacher

A stone folk carving of a mother holding a child by Maruice Glickman

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Maurice Glickman terracotta sculpture, Standing Woman Reading a Book

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Maurice Glickman terracotta sculpture, Wrestlers

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Slum Kid, a bronze sculpture by Maurice Glickman

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Maurice Glickman (American, 1906 to 1981)

Maurice Glickman was a Romanian-born sculptor and teacher. He took full advantage of the public art programs under the Works Progress Administration, producing many public murals and sculptures. He was a founding member of the Sculptors Guild, he founded the School Art Studies in New York, and he published and lectured widely. He exhibited at the Salons of America, the PAFA, and the Heritage of American Art exhibit in Washington.

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