Feliciano Bejar – Mexican-American Sculptor & Artist

Feliciano Bejar (Mexican, 1920 to 2007), a massive Magiscope floor sculpture, Mexico, 1989, of cut glass, reclaimed steel

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Feliciano Bejar (Mexican, 1920 to 2007), a large Magiscope sculpture, Mexico, 1989, cut glass, reclaimed steel, automotive parts

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Feliciano Bejar (Mexican, 1920 to 2007), Magiscope sculpture, Mexico, 1984. Cut glass, reclaimed steel, automotive parts. Signed and dated on base

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FELICIANO BEJAR (1920 - 2007), Magiscope box, Mexico, second half of the 20th century

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Feliciano Bejar (Mexican, American, 1920 to 2007)

A primarily a self-taught artist, Bejar’s formal education was severely limited by his family’s financial situation and by the nearly paralytic polio which struck him at the age of 8. He briefly attended the Salesian College school before that institution was closed by the government. Bejar believed this lack of education allowed him a free approach to his art.

Known for his experimental pieces incorporating metal, glass, plastic, and crystal, Bejar began working in the 70s on a series of optic sculptures he referred to as magiscopes. Bejar’s work has been exhibited extensively since he had his first solo show at the Ward Eggleston Gallery in New York in 1948, and his sculptures are in the permanent collections of numerous museums.

Information courtesy of Rago Arts February 2012.

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