Lindbergh, Charles – TransAtlantic Flight

Charles Lindbergh with Goggles lead coin bank, made by A. C. Rehberger

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A record of President Calvin Coolidge welcoming Charles Lindbergh to Washington, D.C.

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A Charles Lindbergh Lindy bust aluminum coin bank made by Grannis and Tolton

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A Charles Lindbergh Welcome Lindbergh banner in navy muslin with portrait bust and American and French flags

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Charles A. Lindbergh’s Atlantic Flight

The first nonstop trans-Atlantic solo flight was achieved by 25-year-old Charles Augustus Lindbergh between May 20 and May 21, 1927. He departed from Roosevelt Field, Long Island, New York in a highly modified version of a Ryan M-2 strut-braced monoplane, Spirit of St.Louis, and landed 33.5 hours later at Le Bourget Field, near Paris.

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