McDonald’s Corporation

McDonald’s Corporation

Maurice and Richard (Mac and Dick) McDonald opened a drive-in restaurant in San Bernardino, California, in 1937. In 1948, the brothers moved away from the traditional carhop operation of that era, going to a model that resembles today’s fast food restaurants, complete with a limited menu and premiums for children. The key to their success was the implementation of the assembly line-style operation that fast food restaurants are known for – a [...] Click here to continue reading.

J. Garland Warren Provenance Note – Garths 9-6-2013

J. Garland Warren

J. Garland Warren was the quintessential good ole boy, a quiet man who valued family, friends, faith and quite frankly was simply known as the man with the best burger in town. Warren is one of the most successful businessmen to ever put down roots in San Marcos, TX, but you’d never know it unless someone told you. Most days, you could find Warren in his Centerpoint Station store with his [...] Click here to continue reading.

John Lawrence Sullivan (1858 to 1918)

John Lawrence Sullivan (1858 to 1918)

John Lawrence Sullivan (1858 to 1918) is generally agreed by boxing historians to be the first Heavyweight Champion of the modern era. He was the last bare-knuckles or London Prize Ring Rules-style champion, but later fought with gloves according to the Queensberry Rules, which made him the link between old style and modern fighting. Nicknamed the “Boston Strong Boy,” he was born in the Roxbury district of Boston [...] Click here to continue reading.

Dr. Pepper Soft Drink & Soda

Dr. Pepper Soft Drink and Soda

Dr. Pepper soda was invented by Charles Alderton in Waco, Texas in 1885 at Morrison’s Old Corner Drug Store and soda fountain. Mr. Morrison, the store’s owner, is credited with naming the beverage ‘Dr. Pepper.’ It’s believed to be the oldest of all major brand soft drinks in America.

The drink caught on with Morrison’s patrons and to meet demands for the syrup Morrison and chemist Robert Lazenby [...] Click here to continue reading.

Machmer, Richard & Rosemarie — Provenance Pook 10-24-08

Richard & Rosemarie Machmer Provenance

The following remembrances were publishing the Pook and Pook auction catalogue for this sale, held on October 24 and 25, 2008. For coverage of this sale, please see the account in Maine Antique Digest, published in January of 2009, available at

About thirty-five years ago, I traveled around two hours to an evening country auction in Schnecksville, Pennsylvania. As I walked into the auction house, facing me was [...] Click here to continue reading.

Union Oil Company

The Union Oil Company of California

The Union Oil Company of California was founded in 1890 in Santa Paula, California by Lyman Stewart. The distinctive 76 brand ball icon originated circa 1932 with the companies Spirit of 76 ad campaign promoting Union Oil’s 76 octane fuel. The orange globe first appeared shortly after WWII with the more familiar version being launched in 1962.

Osthaus, Edmund Henry – American artist

Edmund Henry Osthaus (American, 1858 to 1928)

Edmund Henry Osthaus, born in Hildesheim, Germany, began his studies at the Royal Academy in Dusseldorf in 1874, where he had the privilege of studying with Andreas Muller, Peter Janse, E.V. Gebhardt, E. Deger and Christian Kroner. By 1882, at the age of 22, Osthaus left the Academy and followed his parents to America in 1883.

He settled in Ohio, where he found work as the head [...] Click here to continue reading.

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