Cartouche – Definition

Cartouche – Definition

The decorative arts world has many “squishy” and vague vocabulary words, but few are “squishier” and vaguer than cartouche. Originally, the term comes from Egyptology and is used to describe a oval enclosing hieroglyphics and having a horizontal line at one end. (The line denotes royalty.) The oval had significance not unlike that of a closed circle, in that it was believed that an oval around a person’s name provided protection [...] Click here to continue reading.

Flagg and Homan Pewter

Flagg and Homan Pewter

In the mid-19th century, Cincinnati was booming and production of all kinds of goods increased rapidly, as the city’s industries found themselves well positioned to be supplying the frontier. Utilitarian wares such as pewter were in great demand, and in 1847, Prussian-born Henry Homan (1826-1865) and English-born potter Asa Flagg (1813-1854) began a partnership manufacturing pewter.

Despite the short nature of the partnership (Flagg moved on in 1851), the [...] Click here to continue reading.

Marion and Donald Woelbing, Franklin Wisconsin – Provenance – Pook 4-2014

Marion and Donald Woelbing, Franklin Wisconsin.

Marion and Donald Woelbing were the solid citizen types that for generations have built American small businesses. They were a true partnership supporting each other in their diverse interests ranging from breeding and showing American Kennel Club grand champion prize winning dogs, to building with their own hands “Thorntree,” their home in suburban Milwaukee, to building an impressive collection of 17th and 18th century American antiques, to collecting [...] Click here to continue reading.

Collection of Margaret & Lawrence Skromme-Prov-Pook 10-11-2013

Collection of Margaret and Lawrence H. Skromme, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Lawrence H. Skromme, P.E. was a lover of farms and farmers all his life. He was born on a farm in Roland, Iowa on August 26, 1913, the son of Norwegian immigrant parents Austin G. and Ingeborg (Belle) Holmedal Skromme.

Lawrence Skromrne graduated from Kelley, Iowa High School in 1931 winning an agricultural scholarship for his work in Future farmers of America. He graduated from [...] Click here to continue reading.

The Collection of Mr. and Mrs. James Grievo – Provenance-Pook May 2012

The Collection of Mr. and Mrs. James Grievo, Stockon, New Jersey

It all started around 1971. Just home from college and having a difficult time finding a job, I started going to house tag sales where I would find small interesting things to sell to antique dealers. It was something I really enjoyed doing, and 1 was amazed I was making real money for the first time. I soon realized that this was [...] Click here to continue reading.

El Roy and Helene Master Collection -Provenance- Pook & Pook, 6-19-09

The Collection of El Roy and Helene Master

The offering of the antiques and collectables of El Roy P. and Helene Livingood Master comes with some degree of sadness. This collection has remained intact for five generations and it is hoped that others can now appreciate its beauty and fine craftsmanship.

Helen, Harry and Minnie Janssen

This legacy started with the arrival of Henry Janssen and Ferdinand Thun from Germany at the turn [...] Click here to continue reading.

Carter, Margaret Scott & Winthrop L., Provenance, Northeast October 2009.

Property from the Collection of Margaret Scott Carter and Winthrop L. Carter

Scotty and Win were certainly well known to many of us as an integral part of the New England antiques business for over forty years. In the early 1960′s Scotty was exhibiting at an antiques show that Win came to as he was looking for items for a show where he would be exhibiting. Win walked into Scotty’s booth and found many [...] Click here to continue reading.

Smith, Richard and Joane – Provenance -Pook & Pook 10-30-2010

Ex Collection of Richard and Joane Smith

Richard Flanders Smith and his wife Joane both grew up in New England, Richard in Massachusetts and Joane in Connecticut. They both had a keen interest in art and design and attended the Yale University School of Fine Arts where they met as 3rd year art students. The couple sent each other one handmade drawn or painted card after card as their romance blossomed. After eloping in [...] Click here to continue reading.

Blakeslee Barnes – American Tinsmith

Blakeslee Barnes (American, 1781 to 1823)

Tinsmith Blakeslee Barnes was born in 1781 at Wallingford, Connecticut and died in 1823 at Berlin, Connecticut. He worked in Berlin, Connecticut from 1800 to 1806. In 1807 he moved to Philadelphia and was listed as a partner with Thomas Danforth. Pewter scholars believe that Barnes was a merchant selling pewter made for him by others. He continued to be active in Philadelphia from 1810 to 1817.

Reference [...] Click here to continue reading.

Hamlin, Samuel – pewterer

Samuel Hamlin (1746 to 1801)

Hamlin, originally from Middlesex, Connecticut apprenticed as a pewterer to Thomas Danforth in Hartford, Connecticut in 1760, following which he moved to Providence and operated a shop on Long Warf from 1771 until 1774. From that date he partnered with Gershon Jones, another noted Rhode Island pewterer, until 1781 when a lawsuit ended their association.

Hamlin was a member of a small but influential band of craftsmen who worked [...] Click here to continue reading.

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