Maverick, Peter

Peter Rushton & Peter Maverick

Originally from an English family of engravers, Peter Rushton Maverick (1755 to 1807), began as a silversmith in New York City and became an accomplished and celebrated engraver and designer, primarily of bookplates. He was the teacher of his son, Peter Maverick 91780 to 1831), who became well known as an engraver of book illustrations. Father and son were both prominent engravers, artisans and businessmen in the New York [...] Click here to continue reading.

Callender, Joseph

Joseph Callender

Joseph Callender (6 May 1751 to 10 Nov 1821) A Boston engraver and die-sinker, Joseph Callender (6 May 1751 to 10 Nov 1821) apprenticed with Paul Revere before opening his own State Street die shop, where he worked for the Massachusetts mint and designed seals for Bowdoin College (1798) and other clients. He also designed and engraved numerous bookplates and illustrations for Federal era magazines. In addition to his professional work, Callender [...] Click here to continue reading.

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