Fowler, Dr. Alonzo H. – fishing reel

Dr. Alonzo H. Fowler (1825 – 1903) was a dentist in Ithaca, New York who used the molding technology of his profession to design a reel made almost entirely of hard rubber.

The “Gem” represents one of the earliest reels of hard rubber in the construction of fishing reels, other than for handles. It was extremely light weight but it was very fragile and few have survived. Of the approximately dozen Fowler reels now [...] Click here to continue reading.

Vom Hofe, Edward – Fishing Reels

Edward vom Hofe Fishing Reels, 1867 to 1940

By Thomas P. Heinecke, Ohio representative

Edward vom Hofe, New York, NY. Maker of high quality fishing reels, brother to Julius and son of Fredrick vom Hofe. Established operations in 1867 and continued manufacture to circa 1940. Received patents in 1879, 1883, 1896, and 1902. The May 20, 1902 patent date being the most common on Edward vom Hofe fishing reels.

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