John Lawrence Sullivan – Boxer

John Lawrence Sullivan (1858 to 1918)

John Lawrence Sullivan (1858 to 1918) is generally agreed by boxing historians to be the first Heavyweight Champion of the modern era. He was the last bare-knuckles or London Prize Ring Rules-style champion, but later fought with gloves according to the Queensberry Rules, which made him the link between old style and modern fighting. Nicknamed the “Boston Strong Boy,” he was born in the Roxbury district of Boston [...] Click here to continue reading.

Tobacco Baseball Cards 1897-1911

Tobacco Baseball Cards 1897-1911

The combination of two great American past times, baseball & smoking join forces to create collectible tobacco baseball cards that have been a popular commodity since their introduction in 1887.

A Boy and his Cards

If you could ask any boy who grew up in 20th century America to turn out his pockets, among the bits of string, lucky rocks and grimy coins you’re bound to see a bundle [...] Click here to continue reading.

El Roy and Helene Master Collection -Provenance- Pook & Pook, 6-19-09

The Collection of El Roy and Helene Master

The offering of the antiques and collectables of El Roy P. and Helene Livingood Master comes with some degree of sadness. This collection has remained intact for five generations and it is hoped that others can now appreciate its beauty and fine craftsmanship.

Helen, Harry and Minnie Janssen

This legacy started with the arrival of Henry Janssen and Ferdinand Thun from Germany at the turn [...] Click here to continue reading.

Target Balls

Glass Target Balls

Modern day skeet target shooting, in which the shooter uses a shotgun to attempt to hit a clay disk (a pigeon) launched into the air at some distance, has its origins in the late nineteenth century. Prior to that time these events used thousands and thousands of live birds, usually pigeons, for their targets. Beginning in about 1876 a scarcity of birds and a growing social sense that this type of [...] Click here to continue reading.

PSA/DNA, Letter of Authority – Autographs


PSA/DNA is a third party authentication service that focuses on sports and music autographs. PSA/DNA uses synthetic DNA that is only visible with the aid of a laser to mark the item being authenticated. PSA/DNA also affixes a small sticker, which has a unique certification number, onto the item. This unique certification number matches a PSA/DNA certificate of authentication that is issued with the item at the time of the authentication.

LOA from [...] Click here to continue reading.

Holly, James T. – Decoy Carver & Sneak Boat Builder

James Holly Duck Decoys

James T. Holly (1855 to 1935), decoy carver and sneak boat builder of Havre de Grace, Maryland. Jim was the youngest of carver John ‘Daddy’ Holly.

Gutta Percha – definition

Gutta Percha

Gutta percha is defined as a tough plastic substance made from the latex of several Malaysian trees (generally Payena and Palaquium) of the sapodilla family that resembles rubber but contains more resin, and is used especially as insulation and in dentistry.

Fowler, Dr. Alonzo H. – fishing reel

Dr. Alonzo H. Fowler (1825 – 1903) was a dentist in Ithaca, New York who used the molding technology of his profession to design a reel made almost entirely of hard rubber.

The “Gem” represents one of the earliest reels of hard rubber in the construction of fishing reels, other than for handles. It was extremely light weight but it was very fragile and few have survived. Of the approximately dozen Fowler reels now [...] Click here to continue reading.

Vom Hofe, Edward – Fishing Reels

Edward vom Hofe Fishing Reels, 1867 to 1940

By Thomas P. Heinecke, Ohio representative

Edward vom Hofe, New York, NY. Maker of high quality fishing reels, brother to Julius and son of Fredrick vom Hofe. Established operations in 1867 and continued manufacture to circa 1940. Received patents in 1879, 1883, 1896, and 1902. The May 20, 1902 patent date being the most common on Edward vom Hofe fishing reels.

Early Bicycles

Early Bicycles

Bicycle enthusiasts join the ranks of other collectors with their unending fascination for the minutiae of the evolution, design and history of their chosen passion. Today’s cool aerodynamic road bikes and sturdy mountain bikes with their lightweight space age tubular frames, spoke wheels, low friction ball bearings and pneumatic tires owe their development over the last 200 years, not to a single person, but to a legion of devoted tinkerers.

An [...] Click here to continue reading.

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