Victor Phonograph, Victrola, Model 16 Phonograph

image courtesy of Skinner, Inc.

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A Victor Victrola VV-XVI Phonograph in Circassian walnut cabinet with ogee lid and apron

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The Victor Victrola Model 16 Phonograph

This phonograph had a production run from 1907 through 1921. The earlier models came with a cabinet featuring “L” shaped doors was made only made from 1907 thru 1910. All the interior metal is covered in 24-karat gold which jumped the selling price of this phonograph up to $400.00 in 1907.

The later models had a 12 inch turntable and all the metal parts under the lid were still gold plated. Its case had four doors, the top set were opened and closed to adjust the volume, while the lower set opened to record storage. The selling price of this model was dropped to $200.

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