Jim Murphy

James Murphy

James L. [Jim] Murphy (1941 to 2012) of Grove City, Ohio passed away on Oct. 8, 2012. Murphy published widely in the field of archeology and in 2008 was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Archeological Society of Ohio. He was known to Ohio collectors as one of the state’s foremost experts on the topic of Ohio pottery. He was also an avid collector who was always willing to share his [...] Click here to continue reading.

Garden Museum

Garden Museum Collection of Art Nouveau Masterpieces

This sale comprises 130 lots of Art Nouveau masterpieces by Emile Galle, Louis Majorelle and Rene Lalique formerly in the Garden Museum, Nagoya, Japan.

Quoting from the Sotheby’s press release for this sale:

This exceptional collection was assembled by Takeo Horiuchi, a real estate magnate and prominent collector with a passionate interest in the Japanese influence on Western art around 1900. Horiuchi teamed up with [...] Click here to continue reading.

Harry Root Collection-18th Century English Pottery-Provenance Note-Skinner July 2013

Harry Root Collection of 18th Century English Pottery

Harry Root was a collector of 18th century English pottery. For over forty years he assembled his collection with a keen eye and unmatched enthusiasm. His story begins when he moved into his home. Back in 1972 while house hunting in a northern Chicago suburb, Harry saw an advertisement for a house that met his requirements and asked a real estate agent to arrange a showing. [...] Click here to continue reading.

Hayden Goldberg & Curtis Brown

Hayden Goldberg & Curtis Brown

My uncle, Hayden Goldberg, had been collecting “blue” for almost fifty years when at a family celebration, shortly before his death, he told me it was time to sell his collection. As I looked at his expression, I knew it wasn’t an easy decision for him. I do know one thing for sure, he always said he did not want his collection of historical blue Staffordshire to go to [...] Click here to continue reading.

Bee Skeps

Bee Skeps

The typical period bee skep was made by coiling a rope of rye straw and interweaving it with oak splints. Inside the skep there are two crossed wooden slats that help give support to the hive and for the bees to attach their combs. A hole at the top serves as the entrance to the skep.

The basket-like bee skep was developed in Europe and brought to North America by European immigrants. [...] Click here to continue reading.

Estate of Margaret P. Newcombe – Provenance Brunk 5-11-2013

Margaret P. Newcombe, Owner of Pennyworth Kennels, Newington, New Hampshire

Pennyworth was one of America’s most outstanding kennels of the 20th century boasting over seven Best In Show winners. Margaret Newcombe inherited her love of breeding and show dogs from her mother, the owner of the famous Clairedale Kennels and winner of Best In Show at Westminster in 1936. Margaret Newcombe eventually came to win the revered ‘triple crown’ of dog shows in 1964 [...] Click here to continue reading.

John Bradford Moore and the Crystal Trading Post

John Bradford Moore and the Crystal Trading Post

In 1896, Texas-born John Bradford Moore, the former mayor of Sheridan, Wyoming, purchased the seasonal trading post at Narbona Pass in New Mexico. He erected a permanent log building and established the Crystal Trading Post.

By the turn of the twentieth century, Moore’s post was flourishing, particularly in the sale of Navajo weavings. Like other trading post operators, Moore saw the value in adapting his product [...] Click here to continue reading.

Kilroy, Ingie & Ted

The late Angela McCrory Kilroy, “Ingie”, and Edward A.,”Ted”, Kilroy of Shaker Heights, Ohio, pursued their passion for collecting American Decorative Arts throughout their 60 years of marriage. It was Ingie’s avocation and Ted gave her his unwavering support.

Ingie and Ted’s love of American history was shared with their children. There is not a plantation or historical monument between Cleveland and Florida that the family did not visit while Ingie delivered a [...] Click here to continue reading.

Estate of Peter L. Rosenberg of Vallin Galleries – Skinner 3-18-2014 Prov Note

Estate of Peter L. Rosenberg of Vallin Galleries, Wilton Connecticut

Discerning collectors, dealers, and museum curators of Asian art regularly made pilgrimages to a charming 18th century saltbox home in Wilton, Connecticut: Vallin Galleries. Owned and operated by Peter L. Rosenberg for nearly thirty years until his sudden death in December of 2013, Vallin Galleries was widely regarded as an outstanding source for the best of Asian art and antiques. Skinner is proud to [...] Click here to continue reading.

Natzler, Gertrud & Otto – American Art Pottery – California

Gertrud and Otto Natzler – American Art Potters

Otto Natzler (Austrian/American, 1908 to 2007) and Gertrud Natzler (Austrian/American, died 1971) are well known to collectors of art pottery. They married in Vienna in 1938 and then removed to Los Angeles, California and began their work together with Gertrud as the potter and Otto as the glazer. Their work is represented in dozens of the world’s museums, including the Jewish Museum, New York, The Metropolitan [...] Click here to continue reading.

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