Hunter, Clementine – African-American Artist – Louisiana

Clementine Hunter (1887 to 1988)

Clementine Hunter (pronounced Clementeen) was born to Creole parents, Antoinette Adams and Janvier Reuben, in late December of 1886 or early January of 1887 at Hidden Hill Plantation near Cloutierville, Louisiana. Hunter would never learn to read or write, later saying she only had about ten days of schooling, and was put to work in the fields when she was very young. At 15, she left Hidden Hill, which [...] Click here to continue reading.

Loo Tables

Loo Tables

Loo or lanterloo was a card game, probably brought to England in the mid-17th century from France or Holland. It became immensely popular in England in the 18th century, mostly as a rake’s game, until the Victorian era when it was adopted by the middle and upper classes. It was played both in private homes and as a tavern game. (In brief, the game was usually played by three to eight [...] Click here to continue reading.

Anderson, James McConnell (Mac) – American Artist & Potter

James McConnell “Mac” Anderson (American/Mississippi, 1907 to 1998)

After Mac Anderson completed his studies at Tulane University School of Architecture, he joined his brothers Walter and Peter Anderson in Ocean Springs, MS, developing a series of small figurine sets at Shearwater Pottery. From these early collaborative works, Mac’s mature style emerged: an affinity for the flora, fauna, and people of the Gulf Coast that he beautifully captures through “reticulated floral designs” woven into exquisite [...] Click here to continue reading.

Allis, C. Harry – American Artist

C. Harry Allis, (American, 1870 to 1938)

Born in 1870 in Dayton, Ohio, Harry Allis was a landscape painter in impressionist style and worked in both oil and watercolor. He lived primarily in Michigan and California. He taught at the Detroit Museum Art School, gave private art classes, and was an art critic for the “Detroit Free Press”. He studied at the Detroit Museum of Art, with Harry Eaton in New York City, and [...] Click here to continue reading.

Achenbach, Andreas – German Artist

Andreas Achenbach (German, 1815 to 1910)

Andreas Achenbach, a prolific and steadfast artist known for his crisply executed landscapes in a realistic manner, is widely regarded as the father of the 19th century German landscape painting. Achenbach began his studies at the Dusseldorf Academy of Painting in 1827. Despite its setting in a small town on the Rhine River, the school attracted artists from not only Germany, but from beyond its borders as well. [...] Click here to continue reading.

Bernstein, Theresa Ferber – American Artist

Theresa Ferber Bernstein (American, 1890-2002)

Although she studied art at the Philadelphia School of Design for Women in her native Philadelphia, it was after her move to New York with her parents in 1911 that Theresa Bernstein really blossomed as an artist. She briefly attended classes at the Art Students League under the tutelage of William Merritt Chase and twice went to Europe to explore some of the day’s most important modern artists including [...] Click here to continue reading.

Benson, Frank Weston – American Artist

Frank Weston Benson (American, 1862 to 1951)

Frank Weston Benson was born in Salem, Massachusetts in 1862. He studied at the Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston and the Academie Julian in Paris. Benson was a hunter and often depicted sporting scenes of birds in his artwork. The landscape around his studio on North Haven Island, Maine provided inspiration for his etchings and paintings. Benson taught at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts [...] Click here to continue reading.

Massey, Willie – African-American Artist

Willie Massey (American, 1906 to 1990)

Willie Massey is a self-taught artist from Kentucky who spent his life as a tenant dairy farmer. He made only utilitarian objects before his wife’s death in 1955. After, he began to make sculptures, which he called “tricks”. He fashioned animals and birds, farm equipment, birdhouses and airplanes from found objects and repurposed material. He would also buy stretched canvases and paint on the backs to create pre-made [...] Click here to continue reading.

Spicer-Crawley, Brandon – American Outsider Artist

Brandon Spider-Crawley (American, born 1980)

Brandon Spicer-Crawley has worked in the studio at the Center for Creative Works since its start in 2011. A versatile and improvisational artist, Spicer-Crawley works with a wide range of materials, including wood, ceramics, calligraphy ink, paper sculpture, and acrylic paint pen. His style is both free-form and carefully crafted, with recurring motifs of letters, police officers, and abstract shapes and lines. A part of many group exhibitions from [...] Click here to continue reading.

Garrity, Jenny – American Outsider Artist

Jenny Garrity (American, born 1979)

On any given day Jenny Garrity can be found drawing at the Center for Creative Works, seated with her nose so close to the surface of the page it seems as if she is emerging from it, part of the family of gnome-like figures she creates. Her forms develop from the accumulation of delicate, hair-thin lines. Each figure is topped with a domed, bald head. Facial features are faint, [...] Click here to continue reading.

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