Asahel Powers – American Portrait Artist

Asahel Lynde Powers oil painting, Portrait of a Young Gentleman

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Asahel Lynde Powers oil on canvas painting, portrait of a gentleman holding a red book

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Asahel Powers oil on canvas painting. Portrait of a boy studying geometry

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American School, 19th century, oil on panel paintings, a pair of portraits of Daniel Aikens and His Wife Rhoda (Richmond) Aikens of Barnard, Vermont

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Asahel Lynde Powers (1813-1843)

Asahel Powers was born on February 28, 1813, in Springfield, Vermont, and began his career as a portrait artist by the time he turned 18. His early works were done on wood panels, later changing to canvas as he traveled farther west. In his early works he used heavy gray shadowing, strong outlines, and boldly painted clothing with detailed accessories. He left New York some time after 1841 to join his parents who settled in Olney, Illinois, and died there on August 23, 1843.

-Courtesy of Skinner, Inc.

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