Blakeslee Barnes – American Tinsmith

A Philadelphia pewter basin bearing the touch of Blakeslee Barnes

p4A ItemID F7979857
A Philadelphia pewter deep dish by Blakeslee Barnes

p4A ItemID F7929507
A pair of Philadelphia pewter deep dishes by Blakeslee Barnes

p4A ItemID F7929426
A lot of 2 Philadelphia pewter plates by Blakeslee Barnes

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Blakeslee Barnes (American, 1781 to 1823)

Tinsmith Blakeslee Barnes was born in 1781 at Wallingford, Connecticut and died in 1823 at Berlin, Connecticut. He worked in Berlin, Connecticut from 1800 to 1806. In 1807 he moved to Philadelphia and was listed as a partner with Thomas Danforth. Pewter scholars believe that Barnes was a merchant selling pewter made for him by others. He continued to be active in Philadelphia from 1810 to 1817.

Reference note by p4A editorial staff, April 2012.

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