Lucottes Miniatures

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Lucotte Miniatures

Miniature toy soldiers were manufactured by Lucotte Miniatures in Paris, France from 1780 to 1825, when they were acquired by Mignot. One of the earliest such manufacturers, their work can be recognized by the trademark “L.C.”.

A metal worker by trade, and perhaps not wanting to copy the German flat soldiers of the time, M. Lucotte produced the first “ronde bosse” or fully-rounded figures which became known as Lucotte’s Petit Hommes, his “Little Men.” As business increased, the “Little Men” name would be replaced by the trade mark “C.B.G.,” which stood for the craftsmen Cuberly, Blondel, and Gerbeau. Under their mark, some very high quality fully-rounded figures were sold by the box. These were known for their anatomical detail and meticulous painting, and the early examples can be distinguished by their separate removable parts. The company enjoyed great popularity and many of its figures replicated members of Napoleon’s army.


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