Mignot Miniatures

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A Mignot Admiral Perry 1909 North Pole Expedition three tier diorama in original box with figures

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C.B.G Mignot Miniatures

A manufacturer of miniature soldiers and other figures, the firm was founded in Paris, France in 1800 by Henri Mignot, a maker of toys and “flat” miniature soldiers, and is still in business today.

In 1825 Mignot joined with Messrs. Cuperly, Blondel, and Gerbeau (skilled craftsmen of the Luccotte firm of miniature makers) to form C.B.G. Mignot, with himself as the chief stockholder. The new firm produced their own miniatures as well as limited editions using Luccotte molds acquired in 1825. Later Mignot examples differ from Lucotte in that they were singly cast, without separate removable parts and accessories. Mignot boasted over 20,000 molds of warriors from Ancient Rome to WWII.


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