Garrity, Jenny – American Outsider Artist

Jenny Garrity (American, born 1979)

On any given day Jenny Garrity can be found drawing at the Center for Creative Works, seated with her nose so close to the surface of the page it seems as if she is emerging from it, part of the family of gnome-like figures she creates. Her forms develop from the accumulation of delicate, hair-thin lines. Each figure is topped with a domed, bald head. Facial features are faint, but full of expressive force. In her own self-contained way, Garrity has conversations with these little communities she creates, often seeming to chat with them as they populate her page. Her work has been featured in group exhibitions since 2016, sold at The Outsider Art Fair in New York City, and included in Writing on the Moon: Stories and Poetry from the Creative Unconscious by Psychoanalysts and Others.

The Center for Creative Works is a progressive art studio for people with developmental disabilities. Its parent organization is the national not-for-profit Resources for Human Development. The Center for Creative Works builds opportunities, visibility and development for artists, designers, and musicians through their work and through recognizing the value in sharing the unique , individual human experience through creative contribution. Creative Works artists have exhibited at the Outsider Arts Fair, NYC; Woodmere Art Museum; Fleisher/Ollman Gallery and in many other venues and galleries.

Information Courtesy of Rago Arts, October, 2019.

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