Spicer-Crawley, Brandon – American Outsider Artist

Brandon Spider-Crawley (American, born 1980)

Brandon Spicer-Crawley has worked in the studio at the Center for Creative Works since its start in 2011. A versatile and improvisational artist, Spicer-Crawley works with a wide range of materials, including wood, ceramics, calligraphy ink, paper sculpture, and acrylic paint pen. His style is both free-form and carefully crafted, with recurring motifs of letters, police officers, and abstract shapes and lines. A part of many group exhibitions from 2013 forward, Spicer-Crawley had his first solo exhibition at Little Berlin Gallery in Philadelphia in 2019. 2019 also marked the first appearance of his work at the Outsider Art Fair in New York City.

The Center for Creative Works is a progressive art studio for people with developmental disabilities. Its parent organization is the national not-for-profit Resources for Human Development. The Center for Creative Works builds opportunities, visibility and development for artists, designers, and musicians through their work and through recognizing the value in sharing the unique , individual human experience through creative contribution. Creative Works artists have exhibited at the Outsider Arts Fair, NYC; Woodmere Art Museum; Fleisher/Ollman Gallery and in many other venues and galleries.

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