Thomas Boston Corbett

Thomas “Boston” Corbett (1832 to 1894?)

Thomas “Boston” Corbett (1832 to 1894?) was born in London, England. After immigrating to the U.S. with his family, he found work as a hatter in New York City. Because of his later erratic behavior, some have speculated that the mercury fumes caused his later problems – “mad as a hatter” has some basis in fact.

Corbett enlisted as soon as the call went out in April 1861, [...] Click here to continue reading.

Vargas, Alberto – Peruvian/American Artist & Illustrator

Joaquin Alberto Vargas y Chavez (1896-1982)

In 1944, Peruvian-born artist Joaquin Alberto Vargas y Chavez completed 49 illustrations while working for an annual base salary of $12,000; in 1995, a single portrait by the artist sold at auction for almost three times that amount. These figures emphasize the dramatic contrast between the mediocre sums collected by the artist during his lifetime and the modern acceptance of his worth as a painstaking watercolorist and airbrush [...] Click here to continue reading.

Sully, Thomas – American Artist

Thomas Sully

A teacher at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Thomas Sully became one of the foremost early 19th-century portrait painters, known for painting pretty faces on his subjects, often disregarding reality. He was the son of English actors and was born in Horncastle, Lincolnshire. He came to Philadelphia in 1792 when he was nine years old.

Sully showed early drawing talent and first studied with his older brother, Lawrence, a miniaturist, [...] Click here to continue reading.

Sharp, Joseph Henry – American Artist

Joseph Henry Sharp (1859-1953)

Joseph Sharp is considered the father of the Taos Society of Artists. His extraordinary output of paintings in his long career made him one of the most prolific and prominent painters of the American Indian. Although he is known for his images of the American west, his other accomplishments included years of teaching in Cincinnati and publication of his works in several magazines.

Sharp was born in Bridgeport, Ohio [...] Click here to continue reading.

Remington, Frederic Sackrider – American Artist, Sculpture & Writer

Frederic Sackrider Remington, Artist of the American West (1861-1909)

Sculptor, artist, and adventure writer Frederic Remington, was born in Canton, New York in 1861. Remington is famous for his realistic and exciting paintings and bronze sculptures of the American West. He first became fascinated by the West after he left home as a young man. Like many young men, he headed out West to find an exciting career and a new life, but he [...] Click here to continue reading.

PSA/DNA, Letter of Authority – Autographs


PSA/DNA is a third party authentication service that focuses on sports and music autographs. PSA/DNA uses synthetic DNA that is only visible with the aid of a laser to mark the item being authenticated. PSA/DNA also affixes a small sticker, which has a unique certification number, onto the item. This unique certification number matches a PSA/DNA certificate of authentication that is issued with the item at the time of the authentication.

LOA from [...] Click here to continue reading.

Peale, Rembrandt – American Artist

Rembrandt Peale (1778-1860)

Born in Pennsylvania in 1778, Rembrandt Peale was the second son and pupil of Charles Willson Peale. In 1797, he and his brother Raphaelle opened a museum of art and natural history in Baltimore, and later assisted his father in unearthing and assembling the first complete skeleton of a mastodon. After a sojourn as a painter of historical scenes, he established himself as a successful portrait artist. At age 17, he [...] Click here to continue reading.

Kent, Rockwell – American Artist, Printmaker, Illustrator, Architect, Builder & Craftsman

Rockwell Kent (1882-1971)

Rockwell Kent was a critically acclaimed painter, muralist, printmaker, book illustrator, graphic artist, expert on typography, architect, builder, and craftsman. He lived in Maine, Newfoundland, Alaska, Greenland, and the Adirondacks. He was also an author, lecturer, explorer, farmer, dairyman, social activist, and amateur politician. His individuality, nonconformist views, and outspoken support of leftist causes during the early twentieth century through the 1950s brought him denunciation at the height of his career, [...] Click here to continue reading.

Kennedy, John Fitzgerald

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Born 1917, died 1963. 35th President of the United States. The youngest man (43 years old) ever to be elected President and the fourth to be assassinated, on November 22, 1963.

Autograph Terms & Abbreviations – Glossary

Glossary of Autograph Abbreviations & Terms

AC: Autograph Card (unsigned handwritten card or message on printed greeting card)

AD: Autograph Document (hand-written by the author, but not signed)

ADS: Autograph Document Signed (written and signed by same individual)

AES: Autograph Endorsement Signed (the endorsement on another person’s letter or document is entirely in the hand of the author who signed the endorsement)

AL: Autograph Letter (hand-written by the author, but not signed)

ALS: Autograph [...] Click here to continue reading.

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