Craver, Margret – American Jeweler & Metalsmith

Margret Craver (American, 1907 to 2010), Metalsmith & Jeweler

Margret Craver had numerous accomplishments as a modernist jeweler and metalsmith. She was largely self taught. Craver was born in Pratt, Kansas, and introduced to metalsmithing as a design major at the University of Kansas in the late 1920s. In 1938 she traveled to Sweden to study with Baron Erik Fleming, silversmith to the King. Under his tutelage, Craver refined her craft and sharpened her [...] Click here to continue reading.

Duhme, Herman – Duhme & Co. -Ohio silver seller

Herman Duhme

Herman Duhme was born in Germany and came to Ohio in 1834. He first advertised a variety store at Main and Walnut Streets in Cincinnati in 1842. Though not a silversmith himself, he employed a number of silversmiths and jewelers and produced a wide range of silver tablewares and jewelry, eventually becoming the most prolific and prominent silver manufacturer in the Midwest. Duhme & Company survived Duhme’s death in 1888, changing ownership [...] Click here to continue reading.

Collection of Earle and Yvonne Henderson, Charming Forge Mansion, Womelsdorf, Pennsylvania

Collection of Earle and Yvonne Henderson, Charming Forge Mansion, Womelsdorf, Pennsylvania


Charming Forge Mansion, located in Berks County, Pennsylvania, is nestled atop a hill overlooking a site that once buzzed with industrial activity and the clanking of a forge hammer. The forge is closed now and many of the buildings are gone but the mansion still looks out over the Tulpehocken Creek that once powered this magnificent [...] Click here to continue reading.

Chocolate Pots

Chocolate Pots

Chocolate was first imported into Europe by the Spanish in the early sixteenth century from their possessions in central and south America. The Spaniards were able to keep the beverage a monopoly inside their empire for nearly a century, but by the mid-seventeenth century “Chocolate Houses” were opening in London. Chocolate pots appeared within a few decades as vessels expressly designed to serve the increasingly fashionable hot chocolate beverage. As a luxury [...] Click here to continue reading.

Wood, Samuel – English Silversmith

Samuel Wood (English, 1704-?)

Samuel Wood was born 1704, and in 1721 was apprenticed to Thomas Bamford who had been bound to Charles Adam. Wood came from a continuous line of specialist castor-makers. According to Arthur Grimwade so many were produced and were of such a ‘uniformly high standard and one of the most attractively designed smaller items of plate, without which no reasonably equipped table of the eighteenth century appears to have been [...] Click here to continue reading.

Spratling, William – Mexican Silver – Artist & Jewelery Maker

William Spratling, Father of Mexican Silver (1900-1967)

William Spratling was born in 1900 in Sonyea, New York. After the death of both Spratling’s mother and sister, Wilhelmina, in 1910, Spratling’s father moved temporarily to his father’s Alabama home (known as Roamer’s Roost) with sons William and David as well as older daughter, Lucile. At that time, the three Spratling children became wards of their grandfather. By the end of 1912, the family had moved [...] Click here to continue reading.

Richardson, Joseph Jr. – American Silversmith

Joseph Richardson, Philadelphia Silversmith

Joseph Richardson, Jr. came from a long line of silversmiths. His father, Joseph, Sr. inherited his father’s silversmith shop in 1729 and became one of the leading silversmiths of Philadelphia. Joseph, Sr. set an example that his son was later to follow by helping in 1756 to organize the Friendly Americans for Regaining and Preserving Peace with Indians and he presented jewelry to Indian leaders. Junior continued the tradition and [...] Click here to continue reading.

Ralph Raby Collection – Provenance

The Ralph Raby Collection

Ralph Raby is a direct descendant of the Chicago retail shoe magnates George and Joseph Bullock. The Bullocks were typical upper-class Victorians, with a sophisticated eye for fine furniture, art and decorations who traveled extensively throughout Europe. The majority of the Raby collection was assembled by the brothers and their wives in the 1870′s and 1880′s.

Their travels and philosophy were described by Mr. Raby for a 1984 Chicago Tribune [...] Click here to continue reading.

Adler, Allan – American ‘Silversmith to the Stars’

Allan Adler (1917-2003) ‘Silversmith to the Stars’

Allan Adler learned his craft from his renowned father-in-law, seventh generation silversmith, Porter Blanchard (who was a founder of the Arts & Crafts Society of Southern California). In 1940, Adler opened his own shop on Hollywood Boulevard to sell the clean-lined silver flatware and hollowware he designed. Known as “silversmith to the stars”, his clients included, among others, Errol Flynn, Orson Welles, Montgomery Clift, Paul Newman, [...] Click here to continue reading.

Pitts, William & Preedy, Joseph – English Silversmiths

William Pitts & Joseph Preedy – Silversmiths

William Pitts (apprenticed 1769, free 1784) was the son of silversmith Thomas Pitts, himself known for his exceptional rococo epergnes, and Joseph Preedy (apprenticed 1765, free 1773) was the son of a Hertfordshire cleric. Although both men are known individually for their exceptional centerpieces and baskets, it is their short-lived partnership, from January 1791 to December 1799, that produced some of the finest silver-gilt epergnes of the [...] Click here to continue reading.

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