Limbert Furniture

Limbert Furniture

From 1889-1892, Charles Limbert and his partner, Phillip V. Klingman, operated Klingman and Limbert Co., sales agents for furniture manufactures located mainly in Grand Rapids, Michigan. From 1906-1922 Charles Limbert operated a furniture factory in Holland, Michigan.

Charles P. Limbert’s Limbert Furniture Company produced a popular and affordable line of furniture until 1922, when poor health forced him to sell his interest in the company. Although his designs were said to be [...] Click here to continue reading.

Tiffany, Louis Comfort & Favrile Glass & More

Louis Comfort Tiffany

Louis Comfort Tiffany, born in New York City on February 18, 1848, was one of America’s foremost leaders of the Art Nouveau Movement. Tiffany opened his glassworks in 1885 on Long Island, New York producing a wide range of outstanding designs for lamps, windows and decorative objects. As a leading developer of new forms of art glass, L. C. Tiffany is most noted for his Favrile glass produced from 1892 into [...] Click here to continue reading.

Meiji Period, Japan

The Japanese Meiji Period (1868-1911)

In 1867/68 the Tokugawa shogunate era came to an end with the restoration of imperial power to the emperor Meiji (died, 1912) and the transfer of the government from Kyoto to Tokyo. The actual political power was transferred from the Tokugawa Bakufu into the hands of a small group of nobles and former samurai.

Like other subjugated Asian nations, the Japanese were forced to sign unequal treaties with Western [...] Click here to continue reading.

Stickley, Gustav – American Arts & Crafts designer – New York

Gustav Stickley (1858-1942)

Gustav Stickley is credited with creating the first distinctly American style of furniture known as Craftsman. He was born on March 9, 1858 in Osceola, Wisconsin to German immigrant parents. As the eldest of six children he went to work as a stonemason at the age of twelve when his father deserted the family in 1870. In 1875, Gustav (originally spelled with an “e”), Charles, and Albert Stickley learned basic furniture [...] Click here to continue reading.



The term “millefiori” is a combination of the Italian words “mille” (thousand) and “fiori” (flowers). It is a glasswork technique in which a number of glass rods of different sizes and colors are fused together and cut into sections that form various decorative patterns. Typically the pattern is then embedded in colorless transparent glass to make items such as paperweights.

Catafalque – definition


Catafalque comes from the Italian word catafalco, which means scaffolding. It is the term used for a bier or platform that supports a coffin, and catafalques are often, although not always, moveable. In the United States, the most iconic example of a catafalque is the Lincoln Catafalque, which was created for Lincoln’s funeral in 1865. This pine platform covered with black cloth remains in the Exhibition Hall at the U.S. Capitol’s visitor center, [...] Click here to continue reading.

Lipton, William

William Lipton: Dealer, Scholar, Collector

William Lipton’s first journey to Asia occurred in the early 1970′s. He was immediately seduced by the culture of the East, and arranged for a return the following year with Jim Thompson at the Thai Silk Company, where he remained for six years, ultimately as the director of design. During this period he traveled extensively throughout Asia, often accompanied and advised by the Hong Kong dealer Charlotte Horstmann.

“I [...] Click here to continue reading.

Wax Jacks

Wax Jacks

Wax jacks were used in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries for heating and thus softening the hard wax discs or sticks that were used to seal letters and documents. A standard candle would have accomplished the same purpose, but the jack allowed the user to employ a thin, and thus less expensive, taper instead.

The wax jack was produced in a wide variety of forms in silver, wrought iron, brass or bell [...] Click here to continue reading.

Collection of Earle and Yvonne Henderson, Charming Forge Mansion, Womelsdorf, Pennsylvania

Collection of Earle and Yvonne Henderson, Charming Forge Mansion, Womelsdorf, Pennsylvania


Charming Forge Mansion, located in Berks County, Pennsylvania, is nestled atop a hill overlooking a site that once buzzed with industrial activity and the clanking of a forge hammer. The forge is closed now and many of the buildings are gone but the mansion still looks out over the Tulpehocken Creek that once powered this magnificent [...] Click here to continue reading.

Mallard, Prudent – New Orleans Furniture

The Prudent Mallard Legend

Prudent Mallard (1809 to 1879) was a renowned New Orleans nineteenth century merchant and probable cabinetmaker. Many collectors and experts consider Mallard to be the leading, even iconic, figure in nineteenth century furniture in the lower South. Tom Halverson, Director of American Furniture and Decorative Arts for the New Orleans Auction Galleries believes that Mallard’s fame was well deserved. “I believe that by the middle of the nineteenth century the [...] Click here to continue reading.

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