Lalique Glass & Rene Lalique

Rene Lalique Glass

Lalique glass, characterized by its high quality lead crystal and frosted or enameled surface, has been made in France since the 1890′s. Rene Lalique (French 1860 to 1945) began as a jeweler making glass paste jewelry before being asked to design perfume bottles for the Coty Co. His designs were so successful and well received that he was quickly recognized as one of the country’s leading glass designers. Much of the [...] Click here to continue reading.

Joan Sonnabend Provenance Note – Skinner 9-13-2012

Joan Sonnabend – Art Jewelry Dealer

Joan Sonnabend opened her tiny gallery at the Plaza Hotel in New York in 1973. She started with a 100-piece collection of “sculptures to wear”. Included in the pins, necklaces, bracelets, and rings, were works by such artists as Man Ray, Pol Bury, Picasso, Arp, and Calder. She was never a jeweler, but an art dealer. From the time she graduated Sarah Lawrence with an art degree, she [...] Click here to continue reading.

Shakudo Definition

Shakudo – Definition

Shakudo is the Japanese term for a copper and gold alloy consisting of 2% to 7% gold and the remainder copper. This alloy can then be treated to achieve a blue-black color sometimes resembling lacquer. It was historically used to make and/or decorate Japanese swords. Contemporary jewelry makers have revived the use of shakudo for its unusual and beautiful coloring.

p4A editorial staff, March 2013

History of Earrings

A History of Earrings

Men as well as women have adorned their ears for centuries. Earrings have been a sign of wealth and power as well as a decorative accessory since before the beginning of recorded history. Archaeological evidence, pointing to the use of earrings in the most ancient of cultures speaks to the longstanding popularity of earrings as both a symbol of wealth and power and a fashion accessory.

Earrings in Ancient Egypt [...] Click here to continue reading.

Seaman Schepps – American Jewelry Designer

Seaman Schepps – American Jewelry Designer

Seaman Schepps was born in 1881, the son of an immigrant who grew up in the tenements on the lower east side of New York City. By the time he was twenty-three he had moved to California, opening a jewelry shop in Los Angeles. Years later Schepps returned to New York and opened a jewelry salon on Madison Avenue. It was during the 30s and 40s that Schepps [...] Click here to continue reading.

Chinese Dynastic Chronology

Chinese Dynastic Chronology

Note: In general, the p4A reference database uses the Pinyin naming convention system for Chinese Terminology. Where the name varies under the Wade-Giles system p4A will present that alternative in brackets. For example: Qing [or Ch'ing] Dynasty.

Neolithic Period, circa 6500 to 1700 BC

Xia Dynasty, circa 2100 to 1600 BC

Shang Dynasty, circa 1600 to 1100 BC

Zhou [or Chou] Dynasty, circa 1100 to 256 BC Western Zhou, circa 1100 [...] Click here to continue reading.

Tiffany, Louis Comfort & Favrile Glass & More

Louis Comfort Tiffany

Louis Comfort Tiffany, born in New York City on February 18, 1848, was one of America’s foremost leaders of the Art Nouveau Movement. Tiffany opened his glassworks in 1885 on Long Island, New York producing a wide range of outstanding designs for lamps, windows and decorative objects. As a leading developer of new forms of art glass, L. C. Tiffany is most noted for his Favrile glass produced from 1892 into [...] Click here to continue reading.

Craver, Margret – American Jeweler & Metalsmith

Margret Craver (American, 1907 to 2010), Metalsmith & Jeweler

Margret Craver had numerous accomplishments as a modernist jeweler and metalsmith. She was largely self taught. Craver was born in Pratt, Kansas, and introduced to metalsmithing as a design major at the University of Kansas in the late 1920s. In 1938 she traveled to Sweden to study with Baron Erik Fleming, silversmith to the King. Under his tutelage, Craver refined her craft and sharpened her [...] Click here to continue reading.

Duhme, Herman – Duhme & Co. -Ohio silver seller

Herman Duhme

Herman Duhme was born in Germany and came to Ohio in 1834. He first advertised a variety store at Main and Walnut Streets in Cincinnati in 1842. Though not a silversmith himself, he employed a number of silversmiths and jewelers and produced a wide range of silver tablewares and jewelry, eventually becoming the most prolific and prominent silver manufacturer in the Midwest. Duhme & Company survived Duhme’s death in 1888, changing ownership [...] Click here to continue reading.

Williams, David Marshal (Carbine Williams) – Gun Maker

David Marshal “Carbine” Williams

A North Carolinian, universally known as “Carbine”, was born in 1900, Marsh Williams. Declining higher education and in 1921, he chose to operate a whiskey still around the Godwin area in the lowlands near Fayetteville, NC. Deputy Sheriff Al Pate led a raid on Williams’ still and was slain during the gun battle that raged at the still. Williams was tried and the jury was hung. He was tried a [...] Click here to continue reading.

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